Michelle Nguyen – artist, co-creator

Michelle Nguyen is an illustrator living in Portland, Oregon, who enjoys drawing aliens and kitties. She often takes advantage of her close proximity to Salt & Straw Ice Cream, and can usually be found marauding around coffee shops for a quiet place to draw. She currently cohabitates with her artist-boyfriend Adrian and two cats, Zeke and Kitty, who are old and fat respectively.

You can see Michelle’s serious, non-comic-related art at and her not serious, comic-related art at


Joey Cruz – writer, co-creator

Joey Cruz is a freelance writer, story editor, and blogger based out of Portland, OR. In 2014, he was a Runner-Up in the Top Cow Productions Talent Hunt for writers, and his short stories have been published in Top Cow’s Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force #1 and the Bizarre New World, The Gathering, and Low Concept comic anthologies. He likes sci-fi and fantasy and smart-ass heroes and bright colors and action and comedy and adventure and music and romance… so he wrote this comic. He also likes ginger beer. Ginger beer is life.

To read more of his ramblings, visit his home page at

And a special thanks to Rachael Cruz, rabid chihuahua-monkey and web goddess, who helped us put together this website! She creates awesome things HERE and helps people make their own creations awesome HERE!

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