Reckstar exists largely thanks to the moral and creative support of our wonderful friends and family.

So it’s only appropriate that we pay back that love and support with a bit of well-placed pimpage.


Adrian Ricker – illustrator, concept artist, and artist on Shamsee: A Fistful of Lunars


Axechucker - FaBulous writer, TV reviewer, YouTube host, and greatest living Dungeon Master, Kenneth Cross


Back That Elf Up - fantasy novelist, comics writer, blogger, and world’s-most-awesome-cook, Tristan Tarwater


Bizarre New World – home of (the comics of) comic book writer and tireless moves-maker, Skipper Martin


Christina McKenzie – artist of comics and illustrators, and the artist behind Gran Grimoir


Dave Jordan – liker and maker of comics and records


Katie Lane - Portland-based attorney specializing in Creative Business Advice for Creative People, and writer of the amazing freelancer advice blog, Work Made For Hire


Kerry Ellis - writer, editor, designer, creative outlet


Matt Grigsby – illustrator, comic artist, and concept artist


Matt Shults – freelance illustrator and maker of awesome art things!


Novo Writing Solutions – copywriting and editing services by Rachael Cruz


Ron Chan – comic artist, illustrator, and storyboard artist


Taneka Stotts – writer and lover of all comics, all the time


The Last Diplomat – a fantasy webcomic by Cat Farris


Witchwater Whimsy - whimsical clay dragons, painted miniatures, and hand-crafted surprises by Rachael Cruz