The comic you’re about to read is the culmination of a full year of development, two years of planning, and a lifetime of distraction.

Acknowledging that, I’m going to bypass the flowery preamble and skip straight to


What the hell is this all about?


Reckstar is a science-fantasy-adventure-comedy. In space! It follows the misadventures of a well-meaning moron and his unfortunate best friend as they bumble their way across a melting pot galaxy in their sentient ship, Daisy.

Together, they will explore alien worlds (that look an awful lot like Southern California), battle strange beings (who just want to be left alone), and save beautiful princesses (who HATE being called “princess” and have no interest in being saved), all while searching for answers to the BIG questions like…


“Why is his sword so big?”


(don’t worry… we’ll get there)


In other words, Reckstar is a love letter to space opera, planetary romance, and any other label you can think of for stories about heroic heroes doing cool stuff in space. It knows what books, movies, TV shows, comics, and video games you loved as a kid and wears those influences proudly on its sleeve while weaving an exciting tale of friendship, destiny, package delivery, and derring-do.


Between adventures, we hope you’ll explore the other features on the site, such as…

  • World & Characters - which will be updated as new supporting cast members are introduced in the storyline.
  • Starblog – where we’ll post boring stuff like production updates and announcements, and awesome stuff like movie, comic, and TV reviews focussing on the stories that inspired our story! We’ll also shine the spotlight on other webcomics we think are worth checking out.
  • Extras - where you’ll find character design sheets, pin-ups, wallpapers, and maybe, hopefully, eventually, fan art!
  • Support - which will house our Special Thanks section and a link to the Patreon page we currently have under construction.
  • Friends of Reckstar - where you can see what sort of projects our family and friends are working on!


Finally, we sincerely hope, if you like the comic, you’ll leave us comments, spread the word on social networks, tell your friends and family about us, and do whatever else you can to boost the Reckstar signal as far and as wide as it can go. After all, what good is a story without an audience?


Thank you so much for paying us a visit. We hope it’s the first of many. :)