Hey, here’s a fun experiment that could go horribly wrong!

We’ll be printing the first chapter of Reckstar as a comic book issue soon, and as a bit of added value I’d LOVE to do a letters column for the backmatter. But, a letters page without letters is like a… well… it’s kind of its own analogy, isn’t it?

Luckily, we have YOU lovely people!


Pretty, pretty please, with a Daisy on top, send in your comments, your complaints, and your questions — ESPECIALLY your questions. Do you have questions about the comic? About us? About our favorite music, movies, or breed of dog? We want to answer them (probably)!

Feel free to be as wacky, sarcastic, and/or creative as you like (but do keep in mind our intended PG13 rating — excessive profanity WILL be altered in silly ways).

Also keep in mind that these are for publication in the Chapter 1 issue, which means if you write in about stuff from Chapter 2, we’ll likely postpone publishing that until we print Chapter 2.


Send your letters through the following form:

(feel free to include your location, your website, and any other identifying info you want included — your email address won’t be printed; that’s just so we can contact you if needed)