Just a few of the non-webcomic-related things we’ve been working on in the last month or so:


Joey is reviewing Marvel’s Daredevil for TVEquals.com!



Every episode gets the same sort of in-depth analysis you’ve seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar reviews on this blog. Swing by and give ‘em a read!



Michelle has revamped MichelleNguyenArt.com!



Michelle is available for freelance, doing portraits, logo design, commercial art, and awesome pictures of all the dogs. Go check out the awesomeness at MichelleNguyenArt.com. What are doing still reading? GO!



The Bizarre New World Kickstarter campaign is live!


Skipper Martin’s grand, slice-of-fantastical-life epic has been nine years in the making, and now it’s ready to be printed. With 200+ pages to the main story, and an additional 300+ page short story anthology, there is TONS of amazing material here, comprising one of the best comic book stories of the last decade. Should not be missed.

PLUS, Joey wrote one of the short stories, with art by Mado Peña and letters by Ed Brisson!

You can read an exclusive preview of that story over at Geeks of Doom.